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"Neil is a great guy to have around when you’ve got a problem. His invaluable experience, intellect, and common sense mean that he’s able to get his head around the issue really quickly, even if the so-called brief is sketchy. Plus it doesn’t even have to be a “research” brief. I’ve found that, if I can explain my business need, he can generally find an effective insight-based solution. It saves a lot of time and generates consistently great results."
Steve Cox, Director of Marketing, JCDecaux

"We have confidence in Neil to represent Wavemaker at a senior level with our media, content & tech partners. Neil allows them to talk freely and anonymously about our relationship with them. He has responded with clearly structured reporting offering real insights and opportunities that are actionable. Neil’s work has consistently informed our Collaboration strategy at Wavemaker UK. As a result of this strategy, our partners have voted Wavemaker ‘Best Agency Partner’ at Mediaweek for the past two years."
Emma Dibben, Head of Partner Engagement, Wavemaker UK

"Neil Sharman is a very personable and capable individual who is highly skilled at finding the useable nuggets and relevant narratives in research. He regularly delivered them to me in appropriately succinct and engaging ways. I would unhesitatingly recommend him to any individual or team who value insight and the positive edge it can give to their business in the modern age. He finds a lucid way of separating noise from the data that really matters to any thriving company."
Tony Gallagher, Deputy Editor of The Times

"Neil Sharman has an uncanny way of spotting the insights within research and data, drawing out the 'story' they are telling. He is also good at guiding team members to bring data to life and guide stakeholders to act upon the insights to improve performance."
Matthew Dodd, Managing Director, Analytics, Media and Digital, Kantar

"Neil Sharman crafts highly engaging presentation scripts and speeches which bring together diverse insights and illustrations to tell compelling commercial stories. He is good at understanding how his clients present and is able to write for them in their own style. Working with Neil is a true collaboration and he puts time into developing and incorporating the themes and ideas we discuss."
Nick Hewat, Commercial Director, Guardian News and Media

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